adventous occasion: (ad-ven-tuhs uh-key-zhuhn)
noun - a special or important time, event, ceremony, celebration, etc.
verb - to give occasion or cause for; bring about

the coming or arrival, especially of something extremely important, is an adventous occasion

what are you counting on? what are you looking forward to? what are you waiting for?

engagement wedding baby
(count up from baby's birth)
bar/bat mitzvah sweet 16 quinceanera
graduation retirement christmas

count down to, or up from, your important events with style.

adventous occasions sells reusable wooden advent boxes.

our boxes are made of mango wood - a highly sustainable and beautiful wood. they feature 24 drawers for you to add your personal gifts/trinkets for your loved one. when the countdown (or up) is finished, use the box to hold jewelry or other treasures.

our wedding advent boxes come with countdown cards for the bride with helpful hints and reminders as well as fun and inspirational quotes. please click here to see a sample.

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