month modern traditional
january garnet garnet
february amethyst amethyst
march aquamarine bloodstone, jasper
april diamond diamond, sapphire
may emerald emerald, agate
june pearl, moonstone alexandrite, emerald
july ruby ruby, onyx
august peridot sardonyx, carnelian
september sapphire sapphire, peridot
october opal, tourmaline tourmaline, aquamarine
november topaz, citrine citrine, topaz
december turquoise, blue topaz zircon, ruby

the modern birthstone list is the official list of birthstones in the us. originally adopted in 1912 by the american national association of jewelers, it is the accepted list of the jewelers of america.

the traditional birthstone list is a compilation of birthstones used in different societies dating back to the 15th century.

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